The player character is a bullied kid, you can see she/he has had a rough life.  One day, the PC opens a mysterious book, and is suddenly transported into a fantasy world. They find themselves in "the Grand Library," a mysterious library containing a seemingly infinite amount of books. The PC realizes that they are now cast in armor. After exploring this library, they find NPC's who were seemingly waiting for the arrival of the PC. 

You learn these NPC are all characters from the books within the library, the books representing different worlds. The PC came from their own book world. The NPC reveal that there is a blight, the Darkness infecting the book worlds, slowly causing the Grand Library to lose its hold on the stories it protects. Each of the NPC have been brought to the library to assist the PC who has been chosen as the "literary knight," prophesied to stop the blight and save everyone's world.

Influences for story include "Fern Gully" and "Page Master." Elements of dark fantasy, very Tim Burton-eque. 



The gameplay is in the style of a 2D Metroid-vania, where you must travel through different genres of books.  The game starts with the player able to go to a number of genres such as high fantasy, steampunk/horror, and action/adventure/sci fi. As they defeat new bosses they will unlock permanent upgrades that allow them to go to new areas of each sections.  

Upgrades in the game come from defeating mini bosses who will drop scrolls that must be identified by a hub world NPC.  These scrolls could be new spells(only 2 or 3 equipable at the same time), to health/mana upgrades. The enemies in the world react like the game Dark Souls where they will remain dead until the player saves.

Influences for gameplay include "Hollow Knight" and "Ori and the Blind Forest."



– 11 Months of programming and basic system design have been completed ready for implementation of art assets.

- Targeting July 2019 completion of a demo "alpha" build, to create marketing materials for 2019 PAX.

– Releasing on PC for Steam, with a later planned release for consoles (Nintendo Switch)



The following video is a demonstration featuring previous (outdated) art assets from an older concept of the game. However, many of the programming and gameplay mechanics have carried over to the latest build. It provides a fair example of what gameplay will look like, but with a different aesthetic.